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The interactive traffic map shows up-to-the-minute information about traffic on major roadways in South Africa. The map is updated every minute and displays the region you choose on the top right corner of the page. It can help you plan your trip and avoid delays.

The traffic map page provides graphical and text information about travel times, road conditions, incidents, road closures, highway camera images, message sign content and traffic speeds. It also gives you access to information about roadside assistance and toll roads.

The information displayed on the map is also available in list format via the links on the left side of the page for Incidents, Road Conditions, Road Work/Closures, Cameras, and Travel Times.

You can easily navigate around the traffic map using the pan and zoom functions on the upper left side of the map. Use the “+” to zoom in and the “-“ to zoom out, or slide the cursor between the “+” and “-“ to zoom in and out. You can also move around the map using the arrow keys or by clicking and dragging to navigate around the map.

traffic map

The inset map on the lower right side of the main map shows your map view in relation to the larger available area. You can use the inset map to change the location of the main map by selecting one of the regions.

inset map

Map Content

The map is interactive: when you hover over an alert icon on the map, a small alert hover box will appear displaying details about that icon. The window will disappear when you move the mouse away from the icon. To keep the window open, click the icon instead of hovering over it. Close the window by clicking on the "CLOSE" link in the lower right hand corner of the window.

map marker tooltip

To control what appears on the map, hover over the Map Legend stub and it will drop down, displaying a list of map elements that can be turned on or off. Select the information you want displayed on the map by checking the boxes beside each item.

traffic map legend

Map Legend Options
traffic speeds icon Traffic Speeds

Traffic Speeds/Travel Times - when this item is selected, certain roadways will be colour-coded to indicate the current average traffic speed on the road segment according to the colours shown in the legend. If you click the road segment, a pop-up will appear with information about the current average speed on that segment.

traffic speed colour codes

camera icon Cameras

To show the location of Cameras on the roadways, check the box beside Cameras on the Map Legend. The camera icon camera icon appears on the map wherever there is a traffic camera.

message sign icon Message Signs

View the current message on Message Signs on the highway by checking the box beside the Message Sign icon in the legend. Message Sign icons message sign icon appear on the map wherever there is a message sign displaying a message.

incident icon Incidents

To show the location of Incidents on the roadways, check the box beside Incidents on the Map Legend. The Incident icon incident icon appears on the map wherever there is an ongoing incident.

roadwork/closure icon Roadwork/Closures

To show the location of Roadwork/Closures on the roadways, check the box beside Roadwork/Closures on the Map Legend. The Roadwork/Closures icon roadwork/closure icon appears on the map wherever there are ongoing road works or road closures.

road conditions icon Road Conditions

To show the location of Road Conditions on the roadways, check the box beside Road Conditions on the Map Legend. The Road Conditions icon road conditions icon appears on the map wherever heavy traffic or potentially hazardous road conditions are present.

Route Planner

Using the route planner you can view detailed traffic information, including travel time, distance, incident, road works, and road conditions along a route between the start point and destination of your choice.

route planner

To use the route planner, enter the addresses of your desired start point and destination, and then click on the "Generate Route" button. Alternatively, you can create a route by selecting your start and end locations from the traffic map. To select a start location, right click on the traffic map at the desired location and choose an option from the menu that appears. Then do the same for your desired end location.

map right click

Once you have selected your route, the route summary tab will display information including the route distance and travel time on freeways along the route.

Detailed information including a description of incidents, road works, closures, and exceptional road conditions along your route can be found under the route details tab. This tab will show a breakdown of your route according to the major interchanges that lie along your route.

To print a copy of your route traffic information, first select the tab that you wish to print and then click on the printer icon to the right of both tabs.

Although you can choose any locations for the start and end points of your route, traffic information, including total freeway travel time, can only be provided for the section(s) of your route which fall within the coverage area of i-TRAFFIC. You can see which section(s) of your route are covered in the route details tab. To see the coverage area for traffic data, click here.

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